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The server files was changed but you must download again the client. What's new? Server is now Season 3 Episode 2 + Season 4 Items New graphic system New AntiHack system New Season 4 sets like Titan , Brave , Hades , etc.. New Events And much more just download the client and try it! Castle-Mu Team!

    CastleMu back online


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    CastleMu back online

    Post by J0k3R on Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:32 am

    Dear players,

    I am glad to announce that CastleMu is again online and is ready to stay long term. Welcome and stay with us!

    Version: Season3 Episode2
    Experience: 2000x
    Drop Rate: 70%
    Reset Level Normal: 400
    Bonus Points Normal: 300

    Items level up Rates
    Jewel of Bless Rate: 40%
    Jewel of Soul Rate: 60%
    Jewel of Life Rate: 80%
    Jewel of Chaos Rate: 30%
    Jewel of Creation Rate: 60%

    Chaos Goblin level up Rates
    Mix Rate +10: 85%
    Mix Rate +11: 80%
    Mix Rate +12: 75%
    Mix Rate +13: 70%
    Wings Level1: 90%
    Wings Level2: 80%
    Wings Level3: 50%

    Crywolf Event: Online
    Sky Evend: Online
    ChaosCastle Event: Online
    Blood Castle Event: Online
    Devil Square Event: Online
    Castle Siege Event: Online

    New Game Interface
    New Lorencia Skin
    New Stadium Skin
    New Noria Skin

    Extra Spots in Arena
    Pro Game Masters Active
    Long term Server
    Dedicated 24/7 Online


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