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    Ancient items


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    Ancient items

    Post by J0k3R on Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:59 am

    Ancient items are items that drop from kundun in kalima 6.
    Ancient items' defence is better than exc. on each ancient item, theres ALWAYS +5/10 stamina or agi or energy or str. On an ancient item, it can be either +5 or +10, but what it adds WILL NOT change, for example Anubis armor adds stamina, u will NEVER see 1 that adds anything other than stamina.

    How do ancient sets work?
    On every ancient set, there are set options, for example: double dmg, +exc dmg rate, ignore and other things like that. to find out ancient set's options, for example, if u want to find the options on Hyon Dragon set, just type /Hyon in game then u'll see all the set options on Hyon set.
    anyway, about set options, to get ALL set options, of coz u'll need the full set. but if ur poor or too lazy to get the full set, doesnt matter, because if u wear any 2 parts of an ancient set, u will unlock the first option on the list, if u wear 3 parts, u unlock 2 options, 4 parts will unlock 3 options, and so on.
    ok, this is the part where everyone gets confused. the name "ancient SET" will make people think that its a full SET, with helm, armor, pants, gloves, boots. well NO!...Aancient sets don't always come in full set.
    For example,
    The Hyon Dragon set is made up of 4 parts, helm, boots, gloves and lighting sword and thats the full Hyon set, the 4 parts,
    and yes, some sets might have more parts than others, which means u will get more set options than others. so remember, different ancient sets have different amount of items.
    oh and when u r wearing a full ancient set, u will have a blue glow around your feet.
    another thing, for example, if ur wearing 2 anubis rings, it DOES NOT unlock u the first option, because the rings count has 1 item. BUT if u wear 2 DIFFERENT kantata rings, then u will unlock first option.

    List of ancient items
    Blade knights:
    Warrior Leather - helm, armor, pants, boots, gloves, mace, 2 rings
    Hyperion Bronze - armor, pants, boots
    Eplete Scale - helm, armor, pants, shield, pend
    Garuda Brass - armor, pants, boots, gloves, pend
    Kantata Plate - armor, boots, gloves, 2 rings
    Hyon Dragon - helm, boots, gloves, lighting sword

    Soul Master:
    Apollo Pad - helm, armor, pants, gloves, staff, ring, pend
    Evis Bone - armor, pants, boots, pend
    Heras Sphinx - helm, armor, pants, boots, gloves, shield
    Anubis Legendary - helm, armor, gloves, ring

    Ceto Vine - helm, pants, gloves, boots, rapier, ring
    Gaia Silk - helm, armor, pants, gloves, crossbow
    Odin Wind - helm, armor, pants, boots, gloves
    Argo Spirit - armor, pants, gloves
    Gywen Guardian - armor, boots, bow, pend, Gloves

    Magic Gladiador:
    Gaion Storm Crow - armor, pants, boots, pendant

    well after reading this, i hope u all get a better understanding of ancient sets.


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