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    About Blood Castle


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    About Blood Castle

    Post by J0k3R on Sun May 30, 2010 6:31 am

    One of the strongest warriors in the Continent of MU, the Archangel; has secretly been laying watch over the lands that he has sworn to protect. As Kundun's presence approaches, the Archangel has been warding off all the monsters trying to invade the Continent of MU. But alas, our Guardian Archangel can not fend on his own forever.

    Kundun's Army has invaded his Castle and has overcome the strength of the Archangel. The Archangel, Injured and in peril; summons forth the warriors of MU, to come aid him in his most dire time of need. Unable to summon his strengths without his Divine Weapon of Archangel, you have been asked to infiltrate this now over ridden Castle and retrieve his weapon for him.

    Fight thru the bridge and gain entrance into the castle. Be the first to retrieve the Divine Weapon of Archangel, and return it to him will complete the event. With the Cloak of Invisibility, you will be allowed onto the castle grounds. Will you be able to infiltrate the castle and retrieve what is needed without fear?

    When you have successfully created the Cloak of Invisibility, you may use it to enter the Blood Castle. To Create the Cloak of Invisibility you must combine a Scroll of Archangel and a Blood Bone of the same levels. You will need the level of cloak that will match the level of Blood Castle you will be entering.

    How to Gain Entry to Blood Castle

    You will need to create the Cloak of Invisibility using the Scroll of Archangel, the Blood Bone, and a chaos Jewel. Only items of the same level can be combined to create the Cloak of Invisibility for that specific Blood Castle.

    The items needed:

    Item Item Drop level from Monsters
    Scroll of Archangel+1
    Blood Bone +1
    Over LV. 2 (Spider)
    Scroll of Archangel+2
    Blood Bone +2
    Over LV. 32 (Ghost)
    Scroll of Archangel+3
    Blood Bone +3
    Over LV. 45 (Vepar)
    Scroll of Archangel+4
    Blood Bone +4
    Over LV. 57 (Death Cow)
    Scroll of Archangel+5
    Blood Bone +5
    Over LV. 68 (Silver Valkyrie)
    Scroll of Archangel+6
    Blood Bone +6
    Over LV. 76 (Blood Wolf)
    Scroll of Archangel+7
    Blood Bone +7
    Over LV. 84 (Beam Knight)

    The Blood Castle is separated into Level Restrictions:

    Level of Blood Castle Character Level Magic Gladiator/Dark Lord Level
    1 15-80 15-60
    2 81-130 61-110
    3 131-180 111-160
    4 181-230 161-210
    5 231-280 211-260
    6 281-330 261-310
    7 331-400 311-400

    Blood Castle Rules

    Warping command will work in Blood Castle
    Only a maximum of 10 players are allowed per each Blood Castle level sub-server
    If you die in Blood Castle (you will not lose experience, lose zen, or drop items)
    Specific skills can be used in safety zone of Blood Castle ( Attack/Defense buff, heal, soul barrier, swell life)

    Members who survived once the event is over will all receive one Jewel of Chaos
    According to what each character breaks will gain tremendous experience. (ex: statue...returning weapon...etc)


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