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    Harmony Optons


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    Harmony Optons

    Post by J0k3R on Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:51 am

    Jewel's of Harmony option increases the power of your set item / weapon / staff or bow.
    It is very useful in PvP servers. Here are listed all the options, and from which weapon level you can use it.

    You can find Jewel of Harmony in Kanturu, they are called "Gemstones"
    You can collect them, and when you think you have got enough, you can go to the kanturu tower and change them into Jewels of Harmony.
    When you are done, drop them on your set or weapon. They will give you a yellow option.
    If you do not like the option, go to Aida, take the right goblin, put the item in there and press ok, it will take the option off!
    And do that as long, as you get the one you want.

    To upgrade harmony you need "Higher refine stone" you can get from excellent items.
    Take a few boxes +5, and go to aida again. Now drop some of the boxes and pick up any items, take the right left goblin and put the item in.
    It will refine it into higher refine stone.
    If you put a non excellent item in there, it will make lower refine stone, which will decrease the harmony option.
    Everything else is listed in the table.
    Your item needs to be lvl 13 (+13) to get the best options, and to upgrade them to the highest point as you see in the table!


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