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    About Game Play


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    About Game Play

    Post by J0k3R on Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:53 am

    Party System

    Party play is an aspect of MU gameplay in which different characters can form a group and adventure in the vast world of MU together. Cooperative hunting will allow you to take on extremely strong monsters that would be quite difficult if not impossible alone, and through party play, you will find that partying with different class characters will help you advance at a faster rate.

    * Characters can create their own party at level 6 but may join a party at any level.
    * Parties can have a maximum of 5 members.
    * You may a party with anyone who is at most 120 levels below or above you.
    * Career Level is motivated when in a party. *

    * A party with different basic character classes gets more experience from monsters.

    Career Level

    Career Levels are affected when you are in a party with Dark Knights and/or Dark Sorcerers and/or Fairies. In a party that has more different character types; their party will receive a bonus in experience.
    1 person 100% 100%
    2 people 120% 120%
    3 people 140% 160%
    4 people 160% 180%
    5 people 180% 210%

    How to Create a Party

    In order to create a party, type "/Party" on the conversation window, hovering your mouse cursor over the character you want to create a party with. The player receiving an invitation to join a party can accept or reject the invitation.

    You may receive party invites constantly while playing. If you do not want to be bothered, you can flag your "Request Off" option by typing /Request off. If you want to join a party again or simply accept invites, just turn it back to "Request On" by typing /Request on.

    Leaving a Party

    You can leave the party anytime during party play. In order to leave a party, press "P" and then click the X button on the party information window.

    Party Chat

    To chat with your party mates, put the "~"sign in front of every message you want only them to see.

    e.g. "~hey guys, let's move to Lost Tower to train!"

    Trading System

    Party System | Trading System | Guild System | Battle System | Personal Store | Character Advancement | Chaos Machine / Pet Trainer
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    Trading is an important aspect of the game. This can improve your personal relationships with other players and help you improve your equipment.

    While playing MU, you may encounter certain situations in which trading Zen, a form of currency used in MU, or the trading of items with other players will be necessary. When exchanging an item, you drop your item on the field and the

    other player may pick it up. For safe trading, however, it is advised that you make use of the trading system provided by MU. Facing the player that you wish to trade with and using your mouse, point towards the player you wish to trade with and type "/Trade" in the conversation window. The player with whom you have made a trading request has the option of accepting or rejecting your request.

    Sometimes you may be interrupted by repeated requests for trade. In this case, you can block constant requests by flagging your "request off" option. Its function is to block all requests for trade, guild combat, etc. Flagging your "request on" option will make trade possible again. After verifying the item(s) that a player who has made a request for trade placed in the Trade window, drag the item(s) you wish to trade into the trade window and press Confirm. A trade has been made. You can cancel a trade at anytime by pressing Cancel.

    A warning system indicates when the player you are trading with changes the item you are currently trading for. This will also disable the confirmation button for about 10 seconds. It may also warn you if the item you are currently receiving is a duplicated or illegal item.

    Trade System Details

    Zen Color Changes
    100,000 zen Green
    1,000,000 zen Orange
    10,000,000 zen Red

    Character Level Range and Color

    You can check the level range of the characters you are trading with through the color indicator and the warning that appears on your trade window. This can help review the credibility of the characters that you are trading with.
    Level 10 Red in trade window
    Level 1 - 49 Red in trade window
    Level 50 - 99 Orange in trade window
    Level 100 - 199 Green in trade window
    Level 200 - 350 White in trade window

    Indication of names of the items in trade within the trade window

    Guild System

    Party System | Trading System | Guild System | Battle System | Personal Store | Character Advancement | Chaos Machine / Pet Trainer
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    Guilds play an important part in MU Online. They create communities for players whose goals are to help each other inside the game. Some guilds are also created to unite powerful players together. Guild rules differ depending on the guild master or the rules that were set during the creation of the guild.

    How to Create a Guild

    It is quite simple to create a guild: simply go to the guild minister NPC located in the center of Devias (215, 45) and apply for the creation of a guild. However, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to create a guild.

    * Guild master level should be at least 100.
    * The guild name should be at least 4 characters long.

    Guild Mark

    After informing the guild minister NPC of your intention to create a guild, you should provide a guild name and create a guild mark. Once a guild name and guild mark have been created, no edits to either can be made so we strongly advise that you choose each with extreme care.

    Quick Guild Guide

    * Maximum guild capacity is 10% of the guild master's level.
    * (e.g. Guild master = Level 350, 10% of 350 is 35. The guild can have up to 35 members.)
    * Shortcut for the guild menu is "G".
    * To invite someone into the guild, type "/guild" and point your cursor over the applicant.
    * To propose a Guild Duel, type "/war (name of guild)"
    * To propose a Battlesoccer challenge, type "/battlsoccer (name of guild)"
    * To join a guild, type "/guild" and point your cursor over the Guild master.
    * Guild Masters can put notes for the guild by using @ then the message

    Disbanding or Leaving a Guild

    In order to cancel/disband a guild you have just created, press "G" and then "Cancel". The canceled guild cannot be restored, so you should be careful when canceling it.

    If you are already a guild member, not a master, and you wish to leave the guild you are currently in, you should press the button "Leave", instead of "Cancel". Unlike cancelation, leaving a guild will allow you to rejoin if the said guild is still available.

    Guild Competition

    Guild Duel

    Command: /war (guildname)

    A guild master has the ability and right to challenge another guild to a guild duel. Once the other guild accepts the duel, the members of both guilds can immediately attack each other.

    With the guild duel, there are no drops of items or of career levels. In the event that you are challenged to a guild duel from another guild master, the above screen will appear. If you do not wish to engage in a duel, you can reject the proposal by pressing "Cancel". While enjoying the game, you may be repeatedly challenged to a guild duel. In that case you can block requests by setting your option to "Request Off". Request Off is a function to block all incoming requests for trade, party play, and guild duel requests. Flagging your "Request On" option will make guild duel requests possible again.

    Guild Battle Soccer

    Command: /battlesoccer (guildname)

    Another way for guilds to settle disputes in game is through a battle soccer challenge. In this game each guild consisting of 1-5 members on each team, formed as a party, can meet on the field and score points to try and defeat each other.

    Scoring can be declared by killing the other team's players (available only in PvP servers) or by scoring points by hitting the ball into the other team's goal.

    * Each goal is worth 20 points.
    * Each player killed is worth 1 point (available only in PvP servers).
    * First team to score 100 points wins.

    Guild Allies/Enemies

    Guild Alliance

    Guild alliances allow guilds to form alliances with each other and is a requirement for a guild to take over the dragon castle in the Valley of Loren.

    Each guild is allowed a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 allies.

    A guild that will undergo an alliance must decide who will be the main guild in their alliance as the sub guilds will be considered subordinates of the main guild.

    To determine the main guild for an alliance the sub-guilds must be the one to request an alliance with the main guild.

    * Main Guild - The main guild's guildmaster will be considered the lord of the castle when the alliance takes over the castle.
    * Allied Guilds - are considered support guilds or extensions that can help defend the castle.

    Allied guilds' names will appear in green to indicate your alliance to them.

    Guild Hostility

    Guilds can now declare hotilities towards other guilds. When this is enabled all members of the opposing guild will appear as they are flagged for PK and no penalty will be given for attacking and killing members of the opposing guild.

    Hostile guilds' names will appear red on your screen as if they were flagged as an outlaw. Attacking and defeating hostile guild members will not flag you as an outlaw.

    Battle System

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    The MU Online player versus player (PvP) system allows players to settle their own differences. Playing the hunter or the hunted adds flavor to the game.

    Battle System

    Through MU Online's advanced PK (Player-Killing) system, players can readily engage each other in combat while in specially assigned servers (non-PK servers are also available for new users and for those who do not wish to participate in the PK system). This prevents rampant kill stealing (where players keep following you and killing your enemies to steal exp and items) and lets players settle disputes among themselves.

    * Press Ctrl + Mouse Click to force attack

    It is simple to attack another player. While pressing the CTRL key, click the left mouse button over a character, allowing you to forcibly attack another player.

    Self-Defense System

    If you are attacked by an enemy without provocation, your character's self defense becomes activated. A character whose self defense is activated will not be penalized even though he kills the attacker in self-defense. In the event that an attacker wins a battle, the attacker will be penalized.

    Chaos Level

    This is a built-in retribution system that will punish all players who kill others repeatedly by branding them as killers. These killers in turn will be hunted by other players who wish to become Heroes.
    Status Name / Color Rate of item drop Exp loss on death Hours to become a commoner
    Hero Blue 1% 2% 1
    Commoner Pale Blue 6.25% 4% n/a
    1st stage outlaw Orange 12.50% 6% 3
    2nd stage outlaw Red 25% 8% 6
    Murderer Dark Red 50% 10% 9

    * Reminder: Item drops will happen regardless of PK level (see Rate of item drop)

    Murderer and Hero Status

    Everyone starts out with a Commoner status with the player's name in a pale blue colour. Each Player-Kill (or PK) of a fellow player whose name is in a "blue", "pale blue" or "orange" colour will increase your murderer/killer status.

    Your 1st player kill will change the colour of your name to "orange". The next player kill you commit while your name is coloured "orange" will change the colour to "red". Then, killing yet another player while your name is coloured "red" will change it to a darker red colour, the 3rd Killer Status. Each player kill you commit after the 3rd killer status will add an additional 3 hours to your time in that status.

    To shorten your murderer status, you will need to kill monsters. The monster level of each creature you kill while in killer status will subtract an equal number of seconds from your pk timer.

    If a player with commoner status kills another player with a murderer status in either the 2nd or the 3rd degree, then he/she will gain the Hero status.

    Personal Store

    Party System | Trading System | Guild System | Battle System | Personal Store | Character Advancement | Chaos Machine / Pet Trainer
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    The Personal Store is a new feature of MU Online. it allows players to vend their items for an amount of zen that they assign to it. The Personal Store can be activated upon reaching level 6 and will stay open even if you are moving around the map.

    Opening the Personal Store

    To activate the personal store you can press the "S" key on your keyboard or by opening your inventory and clicking the treasure chest icon on the lower right of your inventory screen. Once open, you can drag and drop items from your inventory into the personal store. Upon doing this the game will ask you for the price at which you would like to sell the item you placed into the personal store window. If there are existing items in the personal store, you can change the value of the items in the store by right-clicking on the item. This will open a window indicating what price you would like to vend the item for.

    Command Key for Personal Store : " S" Key

    you can price any item from 1 - 99,999,999 zen

    Personal Store capacity is 4 x 8 blocks

    To change the name of the personal store you can left-click the window on top of the store labeled "Enter the store name". You can enter a store name from 1 to 18 characters long.

    After you have placed the designated amouts for the items that you want to sell and have named your store you can open the store by clicking the Open button at the bottom of the personal store. You will be asked for confirmation to open the store.

    * Warning: Please check the prices of items that you are vending on your store as items sold in this manner are considered final transactions.

    Buying goods from the personal store

    To buy goods from the personal store you will have to open your command menu and activate your buy button, then highlight it on the player selling the items and right-click on the player.

    When the personal store opens, you can drag items onto your inventory and it will deduct an appropriate amount of zen from your character.

    Character Advancement

    Party System | Trading System | Guild System | Battle System | Personal Store | Character Advancement | Chaos Machine / Pet Trainer
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    Basic character classes who have attained the required level have an option to change to their advanced classes. This advancement will change the character's title and would give him/her the ability to wear more powerful weapons, equipment and skills. This will also qualify them for the "Hero Status" quest offered by an NPC named Marlon in the future.

    Quest Process and Requirements

    Class Advancement Trainer - Priestess Sevina

    Scroll of the Emperor

    * Basic Classes of Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and Fairy Elf must have reached at least 150 levels.
    * The character must talk to Priestess Sevina to activate the quest.
    * Priestess Sevina can be found in Devias.
    * The quest is divided into 2 parts and both must be accomplished to advance.
    * The first part of the Quest requires the character to pay 1 million zen and look for the Scroll of the Emperor.
    o the Scroll of the Emperor can be found by killing monsters in Lost Tower 1 and higher maps.
    * After finding the Scroll of the Emperor, the player must return the item to Priestess Sevina and accept the second part of the quest.
    o Priestess Sevina will award 10 stat points for returning the Scroll of the Emperor.
    * The second quest requires the character to pay Priestess Sevina 2 million zen and she will ask the character to retrieve an item (Broken Sword - Dark Knight, Soul of Wizard - Dark Wizard, Tear of Elf - Fairy Elf)
    o Items needed for the second quest can be found by killing monsters in Lost Tower 7.
    * After returning the item that the Priestess requested the quest will be completed.
    o Priestess Sevina will award 10 stat points for returning the item requested and will upgrade your class as follows:
    + Dark Knight -> Blade Knight
    + Dark Wizard -> Soul Master
    + Fairy Elf -> Muse Elf

    Broken Sword Soul of Wizard Tear of Elf

    Hero Status Quest - Marlon

    * Upon reaching 220 levels of an advanced class Marlon will allow characters to partake in the "Hero Status" Quest.
    * Marlon will give 1 quest for Soul Master and Muse Elf and will grant 2 quests for Blade Knight.
    * The first quest will require 2 million zen and for the characters to find the Ring of Glory.
    o The Ring of Glory can be found by killing monsters in the Tarkan area.
    * Upon finding the Ring of Glory, the character must return to Marlon to complete the quest.
    o Marlon will award a retroactive 1 stat point per character level past 220.
    o e.g. a character level of 250 completing the quest will receive receive 49 additional stat points.
    * For Blade Knights, Marlon will offer an additional quest to learn the combo ability. He will ask you to find the Dark Stone.
    * Activating the quest will require the character to pay Marlon 3 million zen.
    o The Dark Stone can be found by killing monsters in the Tarkan area.
    * Upon returning to Marlon with the Dark Stone, he will award the Blade Knight with the Combo Skill.

    Ring of Glory and Dark Stone


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